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Vinyl Car Wrap in 

Customize the Look of Your Vehicle. Vinyl car wraps are the new era of changing the overall look of your vehicle. 


What is car vinyl wrap?

Vinyl has emerged as a favorite material for car enthusiasts who wish to customize the look of their vehicle inside and out. Vinyl is durable, flexible and easy to work with, and there are as many different color and finish options as the vinyl film manufacturers can dream up. When properly applied, vinyl film can produce a finished vehicle that looks every bit as good as a quality paint job, while protecting the car’s value in the process. Applying vinyl film to the outside of your car is known as wrapping, and it provides two main benefits. The first is protection for your car’s painted surfaces, and the second is the ability to work with colors and finishes that car manufacturers would never be able to offer. Metallic, matte, carbon fiber and even chrome finish options can be combined with any color on the spectrum, and you have complete control over how much of your car you cover with it. Vinyl film is easy to care for as well. It requires just soap and water to clean it when it’s dirty. Additionally, because the vinyl itself is the protective coating, there is no need to apply clear coat or wax. It is also quite resilient, but if a vinyl panel does sustain damage, that piece of film can simply be removed and replaced much more quickly and cheaply than you could ever fix a paint job. Applying a vinyl wrap to your car is also less expensive and less labor-intensive than a full paint job. A seasoned professional can apply a high-quality vinyl wrap in about a day, with a bit of prep work beforehand. Once the job is done, there is no drying time required, so you’ll be able to drive your car home right away.


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Full Wrap



Vinyl Wrap Finishes







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Vinyl Car Wrap Oakland CA & Bay Area


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Vinyl Car Wrap Services Oakland CA & Bay Area






Custom Vehicle Wraps

Car graphics and vehicle wraps are not just for advertising. Many of our customers chose to add custom graphics or wraps to their vehicles to make them truly unique. From all types of art graphics to full vehicle wraps in matte black, matte white or the custom matte color of your choice, Iconography has the solution to personalize your ride. Some of the benefits of choosing a matte vinyl vehicle wrap over paint are: Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removeable. Don’t devalue your investment with an aftermarket paint job! Cost for a vinyl vehicle wrap is considerably less than a comparable matte finish paint job Vinyl car wraps wear as well as, or better than paint – when properly cared for Vinyl car wraps come in any color, even custom, and can have a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish. For matte black or other matte finishes, we use both OEM cast vinyl as well as custom printed matte finishes to provide a textured effect, such as carbon fiber. We are one of the few wrap companies in the US able to offer seamless matte wrap finishes on almost any car, including exotics. Our installation process sometimes takes a bit longer than other shops. This is because depending on the vehicle, we often disassemble vehicles during the installation process in order to get a flawless, smooth finish You can rest assured we will expertly apply your wrap to your car, truck and boat.

Full Wrap

If you want absolute protection for your car’s painted surfaces, you can cover every body panel with a full wrap. This would prevent damage all the way around. You can also decide on a unique color scheme or finish to give your car a more distinctive look. A matte finish is a popular option for sportier cars, but carbon fiber and metallic finishes can be eye-catching as well. You can also expand your options and explore complex designs with digitally printed vinyl (more on that later).

roof Only

Contrast is essential in good design, and some automakers apply this principle to great effect. Using a contrasting color for the roof creates a striking visual look that helps to break up the boring sea of gray and black cars. If your car’s manufacturer didn’t offer this option, however, you’ll have to do it yourself. Luckily, vinyl car wraps make this quite easy to do. White and black are the two most common options for a contrasting roof color, but your options are endless. You could even use vinyl to create a custom design for the roof of your car.

Cockpit Style

Another option for a contrasting color combination is to include the entire canopy in one color, which would include the pillars around your car’s windows. This would allow you to carry your accent color more fully throughout the entire design. The two-toned “cockpit style” paint job is becoming more common in the world of supercars, both thanks to the proliferation of carbon fiber body panels and a larger design trend toward visual contrast.

roof Only

If you are modifying your car to boost performance and you want to make a visual change to go along with it, you could apply a carbon fiber-patterned vinyl wrap to your car’s hood. Real carbon fiber hoods are a common weight-saving measure for race cars, but you can get that sporty look without paying through the nose for an actual carbon fiber hood. Or maybe you long for the days of the Pontiac Trans Am, and you want to bring hood designs back into style. Whatever your imagination, you can get it printed on a vinyl wrap and apply it to your hood.


#1 Vinyl Wrap Services in OAKLAND, CA

WINDOW TINTING A PLUS  is the one of the best places to get your vehicle wrapped. We utilize high-quality vinyl wrap materials such as Avery Dennison, and 3M. From your family SUV to your brand new CORVETTE we wrap practically any vehicle with impeccable detail and precision. Whether you are looking to change the color of your existing paint job, add texture to the interior or exterior of your car, truck, SUV, brand your business with a commercial fleet wrap or add custom graphics let WINDOW TINTING A PLUS bring your vision to reality!

Endless Possibilities


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